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Head of Development in Munich, Germany

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Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m a Software Engineer from Munich, Germany. I focus on Back-End Web Development and CI/CD to bring reliable products to users. I studied Business Information Systems (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and wrote my final thesis at Stanford University, but I’ve learned most of the interesting stuff through my own projects and my desire for new experience. Programming as a craftsmanship is my main hobby, learning something new keeps me motivated. I’m currently working at Passcon GmbH as the Head of Development. On the web you’ll find me as @arubacao.


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As a high school student, I launched "", a online platform that displayed user-generated jokes in text-form. It became such a smashing success that it had a major impact on my life.

  • 735.000 Human Pageviews/Day *
  • 400% Average Daily Growth Rate *
  • 100.000 Facebook Likes/Day *
  • Launch December 2010
  • Only in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • *within the first week of launch

The project ran from 2010 until 2011. I've compiled some selected server statistics for you. Unfortunately, there are only access logs from the first week after launch left.

View Server Statistics
Bimble Mask
Product Image
Team with Syl Saller

Bimble Motion LTD

Co-Founder & CEO

Bimble is a real-time location-sharing and party tracking app for your nights out. The app automatically detects where you go, which places you visit, how active and even how drunk you are. On the next day you receive a report with detailed information about your night out including a timeline of your journey, your drunkenness over time, and more.
We founded the company Bimble Motion LTD in 2015 after winning a London-based Hackathon organized by DIAGEO and received funding to tackle problem drinking and encourage responsible drinking

  • Investment from DIAGEO (£12bn revenue) to tackle problem drinking after pitching to the CEO directly
  • Mentoring by FoundersForum
  • "DrunkAlgo" calculates intoxication level with gait pattern based on acceleration sensor data.
Launch Bimble Website
Konux Kora Demo Video
Sensor on Rails


Software Engineer & System Administrator

Konux is a Munich-based IIoT company that integrates smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver asset insights in real time and enable its customers to switch to predictive maintenance.

I worked at Konux as a software engineering and system administrator contractor for four years. During this time, the company's total funding grew from $2.1M up to $51.6M. At Konux, I:
  • Implemented an iOS demo application in C++ to display data sent from a patented Konux digital torque sensor over WiFi direct for investor pitches
  • Visualized more real-time sensor data sampled in high frequency on a webapp built with socket.IO for exhibitions
  • Developed business intelligence automation tools for Google Suite using Google Apps Script
  • Containerized software components into microservices for better scaling, automated deployment and management
  • Maintained the software and infrastructure for
Team in front of large screen


Bachelor Thesis & Working Student

TourRec is a Recommender System for tourist trips facilitating the development and evaluation of new recommendation algorithms, clients and data sources.

Our research team focuses on Recommender Systems and practical solutions to the Tourist Trip Design Problem. We developed an Android application, multiple web applications and use them to demonstrate how TourRec can generate recommendations for a sequence of POIs for individuals as well as groups. The modular backend architecture especially facilitates the development and integration of new algorithms.

  • Basis for further research and 8+ final paper/theses
  • 3 personal and 8 total academic publications based on TourRec
Launch TourRec Website
Countdown to Miami
Countagram Team
Countdown to Surf Camp



Countagram is a web application to create a custom countdown page for events like your next vacation or party. My project partner and fellow student Felix Gerlach and I had the vision to built a flat and appealing website with the focus on simplicity and the share-instagram-generation as target group.

  • Some stats from the first month after launch:
  • 3.000 User
  • 1.000 Countdown Pages
  • 15.000 Pageviews
  • Launch October 2014
Product BikeGuard
Team BikeGuard Back
Team BikeGuard Front
Product RioRockers
Team RioRockers

Tech Challenge

StartUp Couch

The Tech Challenge is a 6 months entrepreneurial journey for interdisciplinary students to address real-world challenges and is organized by the UnternehmerTUM. Teams utilize proprietary resources (data, software, hardware) of the partner companies, including Huawei, Texas Instruments and RIO (Volkswagen Truck & Bus) then create, prototype and test their working solution with actual stakeholders.

  • Managed interests between the industry partners, the organizer and the student teams
  • Guided 2 teams during the 6 months program and helped them find their key for success
  • The teams made 1st and 3rd place in their respective challenges
Product MobilSteril
MobilSteril Pitch Stage
MobilSteril Pitch Crowd
MobilSteril Team


MobilSteril Team Member | Hardware & Pitch

THINK.MAKE.START. is a two week full-time course designed to foster innovation and give students the chance to work on real world problems, exploring the potential of new technologies using a Design Thinking approach and is hosted by TUM's Lab for Product Development and Lightweight Design, T.M.S. has a focus on products/services, involving hardware equipment enhanced by software and connectivity. The goal is to promote innovation and facilitate the creation of new spin-outs at TUM.

  • Identified together with microbiologists and laboratory manufacturers the need for a cleanroom that is more mobile, portable and hands-free
  • Built a physical product with machines including CNC milling machines, lasercutter & 3D-printers
  • Pitched in front of investors, professors & several hundred spectators
Map Front View
Map Overhead View
Map Digital

Wooden Map as Birthday Present


My dad is an enthusiastic touring cyclists and makes yearly tours up to 10.000 kilometers.
To celebrate his "round" birthday in 2018, my girlfriend and I made a multilayer wooden map of his recent journeys.

  • Compiled and prepared map with bike routes with ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator.
  • Wood work mostly with lasercutter and hand tools
  • Filigree handicraft to assemble millimeter-sized islands on the water layer.
Kick to Conquer

FC Bayern HackDays

ChannelZ Team Member | Software & Analytics

FC Bayern Munich hosted the #FCBayernHackDays together with its fans, partners and leading experts to research new innovative fan experiences and services within and outside the stadium. Bringing the emotional connection of the FCB to life even more through technology and digital infrastructure.

My team and I participated in the Adidas Challenge to redefine how they engage with Generation Z fans via mobile.
Our product: Kick to conquer your local football court!
Think of Pokémon Go, but you don't conquer virtual Pokémon stadiums but physical football courts with your adidas shoes and an app. It’s a way to digitalize the well-known german term: "Kick um den Platz"

  • Measure motion and calculate positioning of people and ball in a room only with accelerometer and gyroscope sensors


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