Christopher Lass

Software Engineer in Munich, Germany

About Me

Hi, I’m Chris, and I’m a Software Engineer from Munich, Germany. I focus on Back-End Web Development and CI/CD to bring reliable products to users. I’m currently studying Business Information Systems (M.Sc.) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), but I’ve learned most of the interesting stuff through my own projects and my desire for new experience. Programming as a craftsmanship is my main hobby, learning something new keeps me motivated. Lately Golang got my attention, Blockchain technologies are also on my radar. On the web you’ll find me as @arubacao.


Check out some of my selected projects

Web Development Stock Photo | My Personal Website

I've decided to start working on a personal website. It's still in an early stage and not really filled out yet, but I wanted to launch it anyway. Because - you know: Ship early. Ship often.

  • Build with: Vue, Sass, Webpack, Netlify
  • Work in Progress: Last updated July, 2019 | Visitor Statistics | Website | Website | platform for user-generated jokes

As a high school student, I launched "", a online platform that displayed user-generated jokes in text-form. It became such a smashing success that it had a major impact on my life.

  • 735.000 Human Pageviews/Day *
  • 400% Average Daily Growth Rate *
  • 100.000 Facebook Likes/Day *
  • Launch December 2010
  • Only in Germany, Austria & Switzerland
  • *within the first week of launch

The project ran from 2010 until 2011. I've compiled some selected server statistics for you. Unfortunately, there are only access logs from the first week after launch left.

View Server Statistics
Bimble Mask
Product Image
Team with Syl Saller

Bimble Motion LTD

Bimble is a real-time location-sharing and party tracking app for your nights out. All you have to do is to open the app and start tracking. Bimble automatically detects where you go, which places you visit, how active and even how drunk you are. On the next day you receive a report with detailed information about your night out including a timeline of your journey, your drunkenness over time, and more.

We founded the company Bimble Motion LTD in 2015 after winning a London-based Hackathon organized by DIAGEO and received funding to tackle problem drinking and encourage responsible drinking.

Team in front of large screen


TourRec is a Recommender System for tourist trips facilitating the development and evaluation of new recommendation algorithms, clients and data sources.

Our research team focuses on Recommender Systems and practical solutions to the Tourist Trip Design Problem. We developed an Android application, multiple web applications and use them to demonstrate how TourRec can generate recommendations for a sequence of POIs for individuals as well as groups. The modular backend architecture especially facilitates the development and integration of new algorithms. Algorithms are interchangeable and isolated processes with a predefined API. They can be developed without language constraints and independent from the remaining system.

Countdown to Miami
Countagram Team
Countdown to Surf Camp


Countagram is a web application to create a custom countdown page for events like your next vacation or party. My project partner and fellow student Felix Gerlach and I had the vision to built a flat and appealing website with the focus on simplicity and the share-instagram-generation as target group.

  • Some stats from the first month after launch:
  • 3.000 User
  • 1.000 Countdown Pages
  • 15.000 Pageviews
  • Launch October 2014
Kick to Conquer

FCBayern HackDays

FCBayern, Adidas

FC Bayern Munich hosted the #FCBayernHackDays together with its fans, partners and leading experts to research new innovative fan experiences and services within and outside the stadium. Bringing the emotional connection of the FCB to life even more through technology and digital infrastructure.

My team and I participated in the adidas Challenge to redefine how they engage with Generation Z fans via mobile. Our product: Kick to conquer your local football court! Think of Pokémon Go, but you don't conquer virtual Pokémon stadiums but physical football courts with your adidas shoes and an app. It’s a way to digitalize the well-known german term: "Kick um den Platz"


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